About Us

After being in the construction business for over 40 years, we have seen many changes. Some good, like engineered lumber which allows for more open spaces with less walls. Some bad, like how the industry has experienced a shortfall in experienced and skilled labor. The workforce has been limited to “take what you can get” when it comes to help, which is a direction many contractors have gladly chosen.

We have chosen a different direction.

Garris & Associates has only and will only ever employ qualified, licensed and insured contractors, which not only protects the quality of the workmanship but protects the clients that choose to do business with us.

 As I ride by jobs, I am amazed at the lack of supervision and quality control. I hardly ever see a contractor with their name on the building permit managing the job or even one of their superintendents on-site. I wonder what happened to On-Site Management (OSM). No one seems to protect and cover lumber at the end of the day; no one keeps a clean and safe job.  It seems like a bygone era.

One of my biggest concerns is when a property owner/homeowner hires out a builder but they don’t check that the contractor or the subcontractors are licensed and insured, which leaves the owner vulnerable to liability issues if, god forbid, someone gets injured on the job. What does that mean for a property owner/homeowner? You are responsible for doing your homework on your contractor. Don’t think because your home has passed the local building inspections that best practices have been used. People graduate law school everyday, don’t become their next opportunity.

We pride ourselves on checking and managing our jobsites on a daily basis.

– Lee Garris, President

GA State License # RLCO-0061